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Understanding the Buying Process Online: Part I: Overview

While evaluating marketing options and strategies, it’s important to remember that client successes (new customer conversions) are generally the outcome of multiple influences over time. To maximize your online marketing effectiveness; consideration should be given to maximizing your visibility to your target customers during all aspects of the buy cycle.


From a sales & marketing perspective, being discovered as early in the buying process as possible is critical; as the impressions and results from the first few exposures and searches by a potential customer creates the baseline criteria that the buyer will use to compare all options under consideration as final selection and purchase gets closer.


The graphic below illustrates a typical buying process in the B2B space from initial awareness straight through to purchase. Although the buyer may not articulate the buying process in this specific way, even the most casual purchases are made with a similar process.  


Typical Buy Cycle

Typical Buy Cycle






In future posts; we’ll review the specific details and importance of each of these phases of the buy cycle and the marketing considerations for maximizing your visibility during them.


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