Reality of Social Attention Bandwidth – Staggering Statistics on Activity

If your content marketing or social strategy for 2014 is overly focused on generation of content vs. a deliberate balanced plan of generation AND distribution; it’s a high likelihood that your return on investment won’t be optimized or even realized.

It is a fact that consumers and professionals have limited attention bandwidth as-is; there’s just too much noise and not enough signal. The mountains of new content and distraction options that are being cranked out are only going to make the landscape more and more fractured.

If you think it’s difficult to get attention for your content today; what’s going to happen as content belching increases 2x, 3x or 4x in 2014? Stop overly focusing on the generation and start being pragmatic about the distribution.

In the interest of illustrating the point of attention bandwidth…there are:

1. 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
2. 500 Million Tweets per day
3. 4.5 billion average daily Facebook likes per day
4. 10 billion Facebook messages sent daily
5. 55 million photos shared on Instagram per day
6. 1.2 billion Instagram likes per day
7. 1 billion Google searches per day

How are you going to stand out as a strong signal in all that noise?

2: Twitter IPO Filing
3 & 4:
5 & 6:


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