Top Five B2B Twitter Mistakes (to me anyways…)

Just a quick short list of five mistakes you could make if you aren’t careful with how you are managing your b2b twitter account.

 I’m sure there are more – but these are the 5 big ones in my book

1. Making the mistake thinking that twitter is about talking vs. listening…Twitter is not the Internet version of the Town Crier where you simply ring your bell, yell something and then go back inside only to come out when it’s time to yell something again. Yelling something is fine; provided you are doing so to get followers to respond so that you can listen, reply and interact with them.

2. Over-editing or tightly-controlling your posts…Twitter is not about crafting one perfect post after another; what you “twit” doesn’t have a long shelf-life to begin with. Your message and personality gets developed over several posts throughout the day/week/month – people will forgive a less than perfect post…provided what you are saying initiates good discussions or passes along strong value or you follow it up quickly with something better.

3. Picking the wrong-person to run your twitter account or having someone tweet on behalf of someone else …o.k. so that’s really two separate mistakes but bear with me…First, your twitter posts are speaking on behalf of your company and your brand; make sure who ever is running your b2b twitter account is capable of making good judgments for the company so that everything that gets posted doesn’t need to run through an approval process and everything that is posted has some value. Secondly, if the person you want to run twitter is incapable of running twitter – you are picking the wrong person to be the face of any of your social media. If your CEO is too busy…don’t bother trying to impersonate your CEO – that could be embarrassing when it’s discovered – instead, pick someone else. Lastly; make sure who you pick is high enough in stature or presence that they can draw a following. In other word’s just because your marketing intern is “really good on computers” and “really gets” social media doesn’t mean he / she has the credibility / reputation to draw a following or to develop quality content.

4. Not updating regularly: People don’t expect hourly posts and they don’t necessarily expect daily posts – but they do expect meaningful / consistent activity. If you can’t regularly post content of solid value or discussion – you probably shouldn’t be bothering with social media to begin with.

5. Every post includes a link…occasionally or even frequently passing along other folks content via a link is fine – just don’t make it an occurrence in every post…especially if you happen to have folks who follow you with a mobile device; depending on reception; it’s easy to ignore these posts and eventually they could just end up ignoring you altogether.



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  4. Many businesses have yet to learn the value of twitter in their marketing campaigns. Most corporate ceo’s view social networks at time wasters; they need to be educated.

    Great post.

  5. What can Twitter actually do for my business?

    • nurtureengine

      Hi eritemo:

      At a minimum; twitter can help you connect with your existing customers and notify them real time of new products, special deals or news stories that support the use of your products. They can also provide feedback to you on what kind of products they like, dislike or want. You could also consider twitter posts and discussions just on the benefits of Aloe and independent of your products. People might appreciate the insights and info and as you build a following; you can direct them to your products but at a minium gain a positive brand perception of your expertise.

  6. Older post but still timely. Was having this discussion with someone earlier, about the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to use Twitter (and other social media tools for marketing). I say TEHO, there are 1) wrong ways for me, but I won’t dictate to others .. I just unfollow and 2) I am full of it as I DO think there are mistakes that businesses make. I do think not listening is a mistake, that broadcasting nothing but spammy sales links is a poor strategy. Who to tweet #3 is a big part of the social strategy, so deciding that means you have to understand why you’re using Twitter, what you want to do with social, have someone who can adapt as it develops, etc. FWIW.

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