Is Your Latest Marketing Plan Already Obsolete?

Good read from the Silicon Valley Planning Group (SVPG) titled “Your business plan is wrong” (link below).

The essence of the piece is really about business plans in a start-up mode and how you need to remain fluid and flexible and “pivot” your plans in response to the marketplace. Good examples are shared about paypal and youtube’s original “business plans”.

Although the piece is VC-type business orientated – I think you can borrow a lot from the article in terms of it’s application to marketing planning in today’s marketplace.

I’m a big fan of “lite” planning and quick marketplace refinements – in other words figure out at a high level what you need to do but monitor the marketplace continually and refine and adjust your strategy accordingly. It is becoming increasingly clear that traditional planning models won’t work in this type of marketplace.

Big, detailed plans not only delay action, they impede decision-making around changes necessitated by changing conditions.


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