Thomas pulls plug on Thomas Global Register – DNR

Earlier this year Thomas Publishing shuttered IEN (Industrial Equipment News) – and now they’ve announced plans to suspend U.S. operations of Thomas Global Register – basically an International directory more in the model of Thomas Register than the evolving Thomasnet (

A major web presence going down is never a good thing and certainly not a good sign for the International manufacturing and export advertising markets; but as Thomasnet has evolved – Thomas Global remained nothing really more than a directory and you have to think that perhaps the need for multiple directories, all in english, just doesn’t make practical sense any more…or perhaps the cost to “reinvent” Thomas Global for the changing marketplace is just too big for the expected return they’d see in these uncertain times. It’s also fair to assume Alibaba and perhaps even Global Sources were continuing to erode market share.

Either way, I’m sure they still have a healthy chunk of advertising dollars still coming in for it; albeit declining, so I’m sure they’ll devise a plan to funnel those dollars to thomasnet vs. lose them altogether.

Link (via BtoB magazine):



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4 responses to “Thomas pulls plug on Thomas Global Register – DNR

  1. MIke

    Could you place a link to ThomasNet where you mention it? I thought it was Thomas.Net, but its

  2. Alibaba is not a directory like Thomas Global was. My only beef about Thomas Global was that there wasn’t an option to select just manufacturers, it would lump distributors in with the results. The US Thomas Register site allows you to discriminate.

    The replacement for Thomas Global is Solusource and it is very, very lame in comparison.

    • nurtureengine

      Hi Robert: Thanks for taking the time to comment. I didn’t mean to infer that Alibaba was a directory; I simply meant that Alibaba was likely taking some attention / market share away from ThomasGlobal. ThomasGlobal was a marketing solution; whereas Alibaba is a marketplace. In many countries, based on my experience, SMB have either nonexistant or small marketing budgets and as a result true marketing holds little value vs. e-commerce / transactional opportunites that Alibaba and the like “promise”

      The US based Thomasnet (THomas Register as a moniker is no more) has certainly evolved and improved over time to be a more robust “portal”; certainly far surpassing what ThomasGlobal remained.

      I hadn’t checked out “Solusource” – but took a moment to view it this a.m. and you are correct in your description; I’m surprised they even have this out there…it operates like a late 90’s early 2000 web solution…odd.

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