Writing Effective Newsletter Copy; Part III – Link and Landing Page Strategy

You’ve chosen a headline and you’ve written your copy – now you need to decide where to where to send a reader once they click.

Depending on the sponsorship you’re writing for, you’ll likely have at least one hyperlink and perhaps more.  The intent of the link is to allow you to provide additional/expanded content beyond what appears in the newsletter itself once you’ve captured an individual’s interest. If you are primarily interested in driving overall web traffic and visibility for content that already exists on your website or a micro-site; the links should go directly to those sites and your expectation for the sponsorship should be one of targeted exposure and traffic.  When electing to send readers to a landing page, give consideration to your copy flowing seamlessly from your text ad to your website, consider the same voice and same message but with lots more information. Help the reader fill in the gaps – and then some by providing the technical information that wasn’t relevant to provide until now. Use the landing page to educate your target audience about everything you can do for them – all the while seizing the opportunity to politely nudge and nurture them towards ultimately becoming a customer. Provide plenty of ancillary links to even more detail and above all else, make it clear, plain and easy how to contact you should they want more information – have phone numbers, email addresses or contact forms clearly accessible and visible on all pages. Remember, the potential customer is increasing their interest with you – don’t abandon the opportunity to increase their potential to interact with you. If you elect to focus your ad on a specific product you offer, give careful consideration to the mindset of the individual who just clicked on your ad; chances are they are specifically expecting to get more detail on that product itself by clicking on a link in the ad. If you instead send them to your company homepage or to a comprehensive pdf catalog of all your products; you may have succeeded in enticing them enough to click, but you ultimately may lose the interest and the momentum you were gaining with this individual. When bringing attention to a link in your copy, be sure to use what we refer to as “kicker words” to serve as both a teaser and a heads-up to the reader that there is lots more information available if they take further action and click or contact you. For example, use the words “for details…” or “for technical specs…” or “for more information…”

Hope this information is helpful and best of luck with turning your newsletter sponsorships into tangible ROI for you.


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